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xxkraitxx's Journal

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  • xxkraitxx@livejournal.com
I'm getting the hang of this site. It's addicting.

Name: Krait. My real name is none of your concern (plus it's boring).
Sex: Yes please ;D. Hahaha, I'm an XX chromosome specimen.
Age: Legally an adult. Tough luck with you, pedophiles.

I really love fandom. And I am a shipper. A very, BIG, shipper.

My top obsessions are (without and preferences):
-Axis Powers Hetalia; though I have been hating it because I met really stupid fantards.

-Pokemon. As in the games. Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, FireRed, LeafGreen, HeartGold, SoulSilver and the newcomers, Black and White. And Colosseum. I stopped liking the anime after May decided to become a coordinator. And the Special/Adventures manga... There are things I really dislike about it.

-Death Note

-Chrono Trigger. The best game ever. But Cross failed so much.

-TTGL. I only watched the first 4 episodes though. I might buy it for X-mas.

-Alice in Wonderland, by Tim Burton AND the books.

-Psychedelia. It's not a fandom but everything that has to do with hallucinogens, LSD, mushrooms, Go ask Alice... It's very trippy. I don't consume anything but I have researched and I had even interviewed people who had acid trips. I enjoy this from afar.

-Rune Factory/Harvest Moon

-History and Politics

-Drawing and writing.

-Blur (Brit-Pop band you ought to listen to), especially Damon Albarn <3

-The Big Bang Theory (The best sitcom ever)

-A Clockwork Orange